Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whatever next.....I

When I was young and more fancy-free, one thing I totally, totally loved was going for a swim in the river and having the little fish nibble you all over. I loved the way the tiny little things would swim close to you and if you stayed still, would slowly come over and get acquainted. Then the feast would begin. You had to be of a certain kind to enjoy it with eyes closed, several friends would shriek and run for cover, scaring the little pisceans away.

And now, the fish massage has become upmarket, commercialised and salon-ified. Imagine having to pay Rs 500 upwards for half an hour of fish pedicure in a posh boutique in aamchi Chennai.
I remember rolling my eyes in mock surprise when I heard of something similar being offered in Sentosa Island, Singapore.

And now, the fish have come closer home to nibble. Some fishy affair, this!